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Public Safety



Fire Chief - Garratt Locke.  Current department members:  Steve Nicholson, Leroy Breese, Don Minor, Bryan Smith, Shawn Pounds, Thomas O'Hair, Lane Lathers, Trenton Breese, Eric Cullens, Seth Brown, Cooper Wilson, Colby Theurer.  A big THANK YOU goes out to all our VOLUNTEER firefighters!  


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NOTICE:  Controlled burns MUST be called in to the Sumner County 911 Communications Center Coordinator at 620-326-2884.  If the fire department is dispatched to a controlled burn that has not been called in, you will be fined!  This includes not only fires within the City of South Haven, but also all jurisdictions within the South Haven Fire Department response area:  South Haven Township, Geulph Township, and the City of Hunnewell.